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ABCs of Intimacy

Intimacy is the foundation for your house of love to stand. What is your relationship standing on? Learn your ABCs for love and deep intimacy.

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Balancing Love & Life

You can have it all — success, independence and love, without sacrificing anything that is authentically you. How? By applying the strategy that helps in this program, Balance Love and Life — Intimacy for the Independent Woman.

You no longer have to choose love or success? There is balance in all things and when you can have a healthy and loving relationship, independence, self sufficiency and success, once you learn how.

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Dr Kat Smith, Acclaimed TedX Speaker, Expert Media Guest & Author. Book Dr Kat Smith, Speaker for Resilient Living, Change, Dealing with Harassment. Learn Resilient Living & Resilient Living Techniques. Watch Dr Kat at KatSmithLive

Clients of Dr. Kat

Kat Smith is available for hire as a mature model for your projects. Read more information about Kat Smith Mature model here

Dr Kat Smith is available as a Resilient Speaker for your next event. Read all about resilient living and Kats approach to Resilient Living here

Learn Life Reinvention Skills from Dr Kat Smith. Read information on how Life Reinvention can help you and those around you. Dr Kat is available for your next event to speak on Life Reinvention. Read more here

Dr Kat Smith has authored many books on a variety of self improvement topics including resilient living, life reinvention, and sexuality. Read more info about Dr Kat Smith Author here

Dr Kat Smith is a TEDx Speaker, speaking on a variety of subjects including resilient living, life reinvention, and sexuality. Read more about Dr Kat Smith TEDx Speaker here

About Kat

Kat Smith, TedX speaker, author, Resilient survivor, and inspiring motivator. Kat Specialises in Resiliency, Relationships, and Life Challenges. Kat is available for Speaking Engagements & Media Interviews.

My journey started after I decided to pursue a deep understanding of human behavior. While I am indeed a doctor and counselor, I’ve never been fond of labels. My listeners and clients enjoy my happy-go-lucky and “can do” attitude, my approachable aura, encouraging smile, and love for seeing others succeed – personally, socially, and emotionally.

I firmly believe that negative emotions serve no purpose in life. That’s why you’ll notice I’m always so calm, which surprises a lot of people when finding out that I’m an abuse survivor. Here’s the thing. If someone calls you fat, you have two choices. One: To run away and cry. Two: To stand your ground and CHOOSE to be the bigger person.

What People Are Saying

I asked Dr. Kat to speak for a local non-profit at one of their awareness functions. Her delivery was impactful and spot on for the audience. Dr. Kat is an engaging speaker who can tailor her presentation for your targeted audience. With her diverse experience as an entrepreneur, author, and TEDx speaker, she can draw from a wide variety of topics and will give a talk that your audience will learn from and be moved by. I HIGHLY recommend her as a speaker!


Lynn Barrett

Small Business Marketing/Business Development

Who knew the ABC’s could be so inspiring! From A for Affection to Z for Zeal, the esteemed author and sexual therapist Dr. Smith takes us on a refreshing new 75-page trip through the alphabet to help explain the subtleties of sex and intimacy, desire and ecstasy, yin and yang. What exactly IS intimacy, and how do men and women view it differently? What is our Love Perspective? What are our Love Disabilities? Dr. Smith enlightens and entertains in her wonderful new book! A quick read that echoes in your heart.

Rex McGee


There was something wrong with my relationship with my mother for years. After working with Dr. Kat, she helped us mend our broken love when my mother was able to heal from her traumatic experience as a child that she kept secret for over 50 years. I am so happy to have my loving mother back and that she is free from her past.

Yareri Batallar


Kat’s willingness to walk her talk of authenticity is not just notable but courageous. Our audience was totally engaged as she spun her stores of grit and resiliency, mixing in just the right amount of humor along the way. She was the perfect voice to deliver a compelling message to our audience.

Stephen Barth

Professor, University of Texas

As a promoter of the Minority Business Development Agency, Minority Youth Business Retreat / Symposium Program, I am continuously seeking motivational speakers to inspire the youth of tomorrow. In. Kat Smith, I have found a great dynamic, excellent, and superior speaker who captures the young students’ attention, while at the same time inspiring and encouraging them to believe in themselves and their dreams.

Dr. Kenneth Francis

Though I have only known Kat for a short time, I am inspired by her drive and diligence. She is energetic and has great attention to detail. Her work ethic is unparalleled and along with her writing talent, she is a great speaker and has wonderful people skills.

Jim Saunders

Dev. Director, Green Mountain Energy

Kat’s book on romantic places to relax, renew and reconnect is a must for every couple who wants to maintain the chemistry they had when they first met. Kat says, “All you need is love” and I take that one step further by saying that “Love is the meaning of life.” We quest for love because of its enduring quality and its ability to grow when nourished. Investing your time with each other has a priceless value on it, which is why it’s so important to make quality time to create romantic memories that will last a lifetime.

Ava Cadell

Founder of Loveology University

I have now had the unmitigated honor of knowing Kat for over half of my life. (The actual number is a closely held secret). She is without a doubt one of the most amazing people I know. Smart, funny, professional, sensitive, creative, tough, loving, and in case you haven’t noticed, drop-dead gorgeous to boot. I have enjoyed the unique perspective over the years of having experienced, in many cases firsthand, some of the realities that make up Kat’s incredible life story. She is without a doubt the “real deal“.

Ed Roberson

MBA, BSME, Principal ER Squared, Inc.

I have worked with Dr. Kat at various events and I would not hesitate to work with her in the future. I highly recommend Dr. Kat.


Speaker|Bestselling Author| Dentist

As moderator of the biggest event ever to be witnessed by Census Partners in the Dallas Region, (Southern Louisiana Partnership Conference, New Orleans, LA, August 18, 2009) Dr. Kat hits a “Grand slam”. Playing to an audience, inclusive of the National Census Bureau’s Director, the Regional Director, and the Mayor of New Orleans, she was exhilarating, professional, and downright funny.

Willie H. DeBerry

Partnership Coordinator- US. Census Bureau

Dr. Kat, a dynamic communicator, educates, inspires, and motivates, whether as a clinician, writer, and/or speaker. More importantly, Kat employs a heart-centered approach in all that she does.

Debbie Lewis

Professional Writer, Dallas, TX

Kat was an incredible asset to our summit. Her insightful talk about the lasting effects of sexual harassment provided so much value to the audience. Sexual harassment, understandably, is a sensitive issue, but Kat managed to discuss it in such an open way that the audience felt at ease. Her session was one of the best received at the summit. As the producer of our HR summit, I feel lucky that Kat came to share her story with our audience.

Lydia Hooker

GDS Group Summits

This guide made planning my visit to Texas so easy. After a long flight and drive, I was ready to relax. With the Romantic Retreats in Texas guidebook, I was able to pick the perfect place and knew exactly what to expect with no surprises. I will definitely recommend this guide to my friends and family.

Tamara Peyton Bell

Founder - Home Pleasure Party Plan Assoc.

The energy, enthusiasm, and sharing Kat shared in Nashville will ripple out to improve work-life for tens of thousands of people across the country and around the world. This is our shared purpose – to help inspire and motivate people to do the best work of their lives – and it was a pleasure working alongside you.

Lauren Carol

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