Bling Effect. Discover Your Radiance and Worth

Kat Smith compares women to the 4 C’s of a diamond; Cut, color, carat and clarity. Discover your radiance, your brilliance in your bling effect. Realize that you are highly valued as the diamond you are. Be empowered by your worth, radiance and carat.

When we are trying our best to live up to our potential, it can sometimes seem that society is attempting to mold us into rocks as opposed to the beautiful jewels we are. And as we all know Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend.

When you remove the carbon coating of the social, financial, physical, relational and other stresses of day to day life, we remain brilliant. And we are tough. We can cut through the hardest of challenges and solid ceilings that are placed above us and we shine and prosper.

Take diamonds for instance. They are graded by four characteristics that are referred to as the 4 C’s: CUT, CARAT (weight), CLARITY, and COLOR. All four of these properties combined determine how much a diamond is worth.

Let us now compare the qualities of diamonds with those of a woman. Like a diamond, wars have fought over women. We possess the Bling Affect. Like the stone, we are multi-faceted. We can multi task and be so many things to so many people. We are highly desired, like diamonds. When we shine, others desire to bask in our light.

Let me explain these 4 C’s as I parallel characteristics of a woman.

Diamonds are finished by shaping facets onto the surfaces. Round brilliant diamonds are commonly cut with 58 facets. The better proportioned these facets are on the diamond, the more light will be reflected back. This is extremely important. When cut properly, the diamond will sparkle more.

What is the CUT of your CHARACTER? What are the aggregate of features and traits that form you as an individual?


The weight of the stone is very important. Larger diamonds often cost more per carat due to their size. There are 100 points to a carat. Hence a 50 point diamond is 1/2 a carat. (There are 5 carats to a gram.)

How big is your heart? The CARAT/ or CARING can outweigh the stresses of life and replace it with love. Women are naturally caring and nurturing individuals. That is not a weakness. It is a GENEROUS and GENUINE quality.


How clear or pure is the stone? Clarity ranges from Flawless (perfect with no inclusions or flecks of material like carbon) to I (inclusions that you can see with the naked eye).

How clear are you? Do you have goals? See your dreams or desires with CLARITY? Are you fulfilling your destiny? Are you consciously aware of who you are and what you are about?

When you have CLARITY you have direction and are guided by your light. When your path is lit and you can see clearly, you can avoid situations that challenge your character and strip you of your dignity and self love and worth.


Diamond colors generally range from D – X for white and yellow diamonds. D is the whitest. Around S they become “Fancy” yellow Diamonds. One can also find green, pink, red, blue and brown diamonds – though these are usually irradiated.

Does your attitude add COLOR to your life? Do you laugh? Entertain others? Embrace friendship? Socialize? Enjoy music, the arts, cultural diversity, travel, the young, the old and the simple things in life?

How we see life affects your attitude on life itself. It’s like looking through polarized lenses and seeing through the haze to a beautiful sunny day. We can alter the way we react each day. Either we wake with a colorful attitude or stick in a dark and gloomy mood.

There is beauty in all things. Are your life experiences like a bouquet of flowers – thorns and all? Do you feel the joy and radiate a glow of happiness? Is there something or someone that makes you smile? When you are in a funk, can you think of that thing or person and smile and feel loved?

Our lives are full of COLOR. So must our personalities. We don’t live in a black and white world – A beige existence. You are the artist, the Master Jeweler has blessed you with the talents and abilities to create your world the way you see it. Either you see it in full, rich color or you exist in the haze, full of imperfections and unable to shine to your full potential.

We are alive with BRILLIANT LIGHT and COLOR. CUT through your obstacles with flair. Paint the world with the COLOR of your smile. Light your path with the radiance of your CARAT. And see your dreams with CLARITY.