10 Tips for a More Resilient You

Read below as Dr. Kat shares 10 Easily applied tips and ways of being for a More Resilient You.



10 Effective Ways to Develop a More Resilient YOU

1. Believe in YOU – Have a belief in your ideas, concepts, products, and services, but most of all, believe in what you have to offer others.
2. Stay Humble – Keep in mind not to overdo your self-promotion. People are turned off by pushy, obnoxious people. People love to buy things but hate the feeling of being SOLD TO.
3. Remain Grounded – As Your Business Grows Don’t allow your ego to get in the way of common business sense and effective self-promotion.
4. Talk to new people everywhere you go. Talk on elevators, talk on airplanes, talk on trains – talk, talk, talk! Meet as many new people as you can every day. You never know where your next great opportunity will appear. Be ready, because they will appear everywhere. 115
5. Be Prepared – Carry a sample of your products and/or a description of your services, and your business cards EVERYWHERE you go. You never know when you will get an opportunity to promote yourself and help others in the process.
6. Practice the Science & Art of Effective Self-Promotion – As you begin to feel more comfortable with the concept, step out of your comfort zone, and journal your shameless success step-by-step.
7. Keep a Positive Attitude & Create Contagious Enthusiasm – Your mood affects your beliefs, which in turn, determines the level of your personal and professional success. Staying positive and enthusiastic is essential to successful self-promotion! Be consciously aware of your energy and emotions at all times.
8. Seek Out & Act on More Opportunities – Look for opportunities EVERYWHERE. They are all around you. Be open-minded to new ideas and new business ventures.
9. Take Your Expertise to a Higher Level of Success – As you continue to learn and grow, you will being to have revolutionary thinking and start to think outside of your comfort level. Promote your expertise by telling people what you do best.
10. Break the Mold & Create Your Own Unique Style – Don’t be a conformist. To be truly successful, you must be unique in some way. Discover new ways to stand out and be different from your competitors.