The Short on Height – Embracing your Uniqueness

I’ve always been tall –  I’m 6’2” and from the time I stepped out of my mom’s womb. I’m one of 12 children – 7 brothers and I am tallest of them all.

I had my moments of doubt and disliking of the thing that set me apart from most humans. For instance – dating. Guys would walk up to me and say “I love tall women.” and I’d say yeah, and I love tall men, know any? I’m sorry I just can’t see myself picking up my husband to kiss him. 

When I wrote my book I’m TALL You’re not, So that makes us even. I gave a nod to the fact that we all have something.

All my differences equate to the sum of me. My height is one of my unique features, but you may have something else that is an unlikeness that makes you unique.

You see – My glass is always half full. For some, my half-full is equivalent to an overflowing pilsner. – Get it a tall glass of water?

Everyone has something in life, an equalizing talent to share with others. It’s when you blend the totality of you with service to others, you expand your purpose and joy.  

The key is to highlight our unlikeness to support our purpose – Increase all that is good in life – expand your happiness?

To help you reach your height of happiness, I will share with you my three stances: 

  • Stand Firm
  • Stand Tall
  • Stand for Something

Stand Firm – Principle is the derivative of general law or truth. Standing firm in your truth is a display of authenticity, mental strength, and confidence.

We’ve heard the term authenticity tossed around and before it loses its impact, I suggest that you identify what’s authentic about you and stay true to it.

A city is not gauged by its length and width, but by the broadness of its vision and the height of its dreams.” Herb Caen

Stand Tall – Now I have no choice you might say, but I know you have seen those who wish they can shrink so they walk hunched over. 

The greatest height of heroism and happiness is obtaining the ability to embrace your unlikeness and overcome ridicule. Dr. Kat Smith

Stand for Something    this is where the fight comes out in you. Stand for what you believe, who you are, and your character/honor. These are the qualities that shape you as a person and gives you the confidence and knowing that you are at the height of happiness.

So the short on height is not that you have to be a giant to effect change or be the person you wish to be. Your unlikeness is your uniqueness and when you can: 

Stand Firm

Stand Tall

Stand for Something, you will reach great heights.